Sustainability for Australia’s Original Organic Beef Producer

OBE Releases its sustainability report

OBE Organic is Australia's oldest organic beef company, and its new sustainability report details industry-leading practices in sustainable agriculture, supply chain management and human resources.

“We know, from experience, that COVID-19 has caused many businesses to necessarily look just weeks and months into the future instead of years and decades. However, we continue to believe that investment in sustainability is the way forward.” Said Dalene Wray, Managing Director of OBE Organic. 

OBE ensures they have good grazing management, which preserves vegetation, improves soil health, increases water retention and reduces erosion. They also only work with producers who set aside a minimum of five percent of land for conservation. 

OBE ensure animal welfare practices by having all producers being Livestock Production Assurance accredited, carrying out annual third-party inspections and working with behavioural science experts. 

“Global consumers are becoming more and more discerning with how they spend their money; it is no longer enough to deliver on just one aspect of product, service or Corporate Social Responsibility. We know, for example, that we can no longer just be ‘organic’ without being ‘sustainable’. Nor can we be kind to animals and sensitive to the environment without also being ethical to/in our supply chain and the communities around us.

OBE's produce is all free of antibiotics, added hormones, and genetically modified feed, and raised on pastures free from chemical treatments.

“Market competition and choice is higher than ever before, and consumers can easily perceive corporate lip service and box checking – and when they do, they’ll quickly go elsewhere. All elements of the sustainability picture matter – and that’s how we genuinely embrace and practice sustainability at OBE Organic."