Home-deliveries save a lot of time, but what happens if customers are not home? Sweden’s largest supermarket chain, ICA has teamed up with start-up Glue and PostNord (a merger of Swedish Posten and Danish Post) to test a new, groundbreaking in-fridge delivery service.

Currently being tested in 20 households, the service delivers groceries straight into customers’ homes even when they are out, thanks to a digital Glu smart lock installed on their door. By using a unique ‘digital key’ that customers can hand out to friends, family and trusted companies, delivery people are able to unlock the door with a smartphone app, get in and unpack the groceries.

“Not only does this partnership take delivery services to the next level, it ‘unlocks’ the force of the on-demand economy and encourages people to think differently when it comes to opening up their homes for services that make everyday life easier,” said Carl Johan Grandison, CEO of Glue.

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