Rouses Market mascot the Colonel

In partnership with Louisiana’s Nicholls University, Rouses Market has unveiled a university-themed store. The interior of the store is painted with the university’s red and grey colours and styled with logos and school photos throughout. It also features a basketball scoreboard with the Nicholls University school mascot in the cafe section, as well as university merchandise.

Due to its proximity to a medical centre and the university, the US-based retailer will offer products geared towards university students and healthcare professionals. This includes a hot-food line, full-service butcher shop, floral department, seasonal and local produce and seafood market.

A growing number of grocery chains in the US are implementing changes to target university students. In July, Target unveiled three small-format stores near a university campus with plans to open more in the following years. E-commerce giant Amazon has also been making progress in targeting the demographic by setting up pick-up points at university campuses in the US since March 2018.

"We have decades worth of tradition and ties to Nicholls State University," said Donny Rouse, CEO at Rouses Market. "We have a lot of family members and team members who are graduates, and we employ hundreds of current students.”