Vegan seafood with pasta in plate
Photo courtesy of The Van Cleve Seafood Co

US-based Seafood company The Van Cleve Seafood launched its first entry into the plant-based food market; vegan shrimps. Said to be made primarily from konjac, the product is one of two plant-based foods in the company’s Wild.Skinny.Clean line. According to the website, the vegan shrimp mimics the taste and texture of real shrimp.

Speaking to VegNews, the company’s co-owner and vice president of product development, Shelley Van Cleve said that the vegan shrimp seeks to satisfy the growing plant-based ‘movement’ they’ve observed. “Since we know seafood so well, who better than us to create the plant-based alternatives that taste just like the real thing?” Van Cleve said.

The product is set to launch online this month and will hit retail outlets in early 2020.