Woolworths’ has launched a free app for suppliers. Compass allows suppliers to monitor the sales performance of their products more closely.

The app can generate sales expectations based on historical data and patterns. When these expectations are not being met, the app will alert the supplier immediately giving them the opportunity to identify and fix any issues impacting sales such as out-of-stocks or merchandising.

Woolworths believes that the application could potentially recoup million of lost sales for suppliers. “We see it as a genuine win-win because a lost sale for a supplier is a lost sale for Woolworths, and most likely an unsatisfied customer. Drawing on smartphone technology and a spirit of collaboration, we’re confident Compass will drive a step change in availability and merchandising standards for our customers,” said Paul Harker, Woolworths director of fresh foods and replenishment.

The merchandising company, Crossmark have been trialling the app throughout its development. Crossmark director of operations, Luke Johnson said that the app had been extremely beneficial. “It provides us with greater insight across our whole field force, which helps ensure we’re focused on addressing the right things in the right stores for the benefit of our clients and their customers.”

The app also gives users the ability to print shelf tickets.

There is no news yet as to whether or not the app will be available in New Zealand.