Woolworths has today announced that all profits from fresh produce sold on Saturday, August 11 will be donated to the 'Rural Aid’s Buy a Bale appeal' in support of Australia's drought-affected farmers.

Following the Australian supermarkets first initial $1.5 million donation, and a second lot of in-store fundraising, Woolworths has now announced further fundraising, donating all of the profits from their fresh produce to the ‘Buy a Bale’ appeal.

Rural Aid is an Australian non-profit organisation that delivers essential items, like hay bales and feed, as well as counselling support services to Australian farmers currently suffering from the countries ongoing drought.

Rural Aid CEO Charles Alder has been overwhelmed by the support from the Australian public and teams at the Woolworths stores.

“Since the supermarket came on board as a partner with their initial $1.5 million donation and opened up fundraising channels in their stores, we’ve been able to provide more certainty to hundreds of farmers who have reached out to us in urgent need of feed for their livestock.”

In addition to the supermarket’s first initial donation of $1.5 million, the chain has also been running in-store checkout donations which have already fundraised over $600,000 AUD for Rural Aid.