a barista pours milk into a coffee cup

Poor coffee etiquette is widespread in New Zealand, says new research conducted by Lonergan Research (on behalf of Newell Brands). It’s a coffee-loving nation, with almost a million Kiwis identifying as a “coffee enthusiast.”

More than 840 million cups of coffee are served in cafés every year – that’s 235 cups per person each year. When coffee lovers drink out, they’re able to get their favourite fix; but at home, coffee faux pas are prevalent.

2.6 million New Zealanders have had a negative at-home coffee experience. Poor coffee etiquette, according to the Sunbeam findings, includes: serving instant coffee (45 percent of respondents), offering at alternative warm beverage (31 percent, and offering to re-heat a guest’s undrunk coffee (five percent).

It turns out Kiwis are a picky group, with 94 percent having a coffee-based pet peeve: temperature, burnt coffee, and foam inconsistencies topped the list of problems. Despite this, we still prefer a barista-made cup over our own. 81 percent of New Zealanders confessed that they’re not capable of making a café-style coffee at home.

This is due in large part to poor access to coffee-making technology. “New Zealand is a coffee proud nation,” said George Choutis, a Sunbeam espresso machine advocate. “The quick and easy home coffee option sometimes sacrifices a quality cup of coffee.” However, Sunbeam’s latest equipment will allow Kiwis to make a barista-style coffee whether they’re working as a barista or setting up in an office.

The Sunbeam Barista Max is a carefully-designed espresso machine. It uses a 58mm group head and handle, and a Tap & Go Integrated Grinder for on-demand grinding. A programmable shot volume rounds out the machine’s tech, managing the coffee strength perfectly.

This is a great option for businesses looking to make barista-style coffees with less equipment.

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