A Collective Move to A Sustainable Future

Turning its well-known yoghurt expertise to the plant-based movement, The Collective, one of the country’s leading yoghurt companies has launched a new range of delicious dairy-free products.

Two years in the making, this is the first plant-based yoghurt range in New Zealand that uses a blend of oats, coconut and rice milk, made in their brand-new plant in West Auckland. The result is a probiotic plant-based yoghurt that still has the deliciously thick and creamy texture that The Collective fans know and love.

“One-third of Kiwis are now choosing a flexitarian lifestyle, so delving into the plant-based space makes perfect sense for The Collective,” said Michaela Dumper, NZ GM at The Collective.

“We set ourselves the challenge of creating a plant-based yoghurt with a creamy texture and fantastic taste that we would be proud to brand as The Collective. After two years of research, taste-tasting and development we’re thrilled with the result and can’t wait to share this dairy-free goodness with Kiwis.”

All four flavours are low in sugar, soy-free, nut-free and vegan-friendly. Natural is the versatile go-to for cooking and adding to smoothies; Fudge is a deliciously rich and indulgent desserty yoghurt, Passionfruit is sweet and fresh with a punchy zing and Boysenberry offers a sweet yet tart flavour with earthy undertones.

Making smarter choices towards a carbon-neutral future is an important goal for The Collective and certainly this new plant-based range. The Collective is the first yoghurt brand in New Zealand to launch a product in #1 rPET tubs, meaning the range is made using post-consumer recycled plastic that (when rinsed), can be recycled kerbside anywhere in New Zealand.

The Collective is also continuing its partnership with ‘Trees That Count’ to reduce their carbon emissions and show their ongoing commitment towards sustainability.

“New Zealanders can join us on our journey to a better future by simply enjoying this new range,” noted Dumper.

The Collective’s new plant range is available on supermarket shelves nationwide.