High Performance, Naturally

Schwarzkopf BIO-TECH by Extra Care is powered by the science of nature to target specific hair concerns. There are three variants in the range: REPAIR, PRO-BALANCE and COLOUR and each contain LIQUID KERATIN to help repair existing damage and fortify the cell structure for future damage prevention. The REPAIR and COLOUR range are accompanied by their own 4-in-1 Treatment Masks. The REPAIR Mask focuses on strengthening and protecting hair from breakage and the COLOUR Mask improves colour vibrancy while providing extra shine and antioxidant protection.


The BIO-TECH Repair range is designed for damage prone, fragile hair, strengthening hair by up to 90%* The Schwarzkopf BIO-TECH Repair range uses photo-stem cells extracted from apples and rose water combined with BIO-TECH repairing formulas to address the needs of fragile hair, regenerating it from roots to ends.


The BIO-TECH Colour range is designed to deliver specific care to colour-treated hair to maintain radiant colour and condition. The Schwarzkopf BIO-TECH COLOUR range uses magnesium salts and pomegranate oil combined with BIO-TECH repairing formulas to address the needs of colour- treated hair, restructuring the inside of the hair and smoothing the surface for optimum colour retention and vibrancy.


The BIO-TECH Pro-Balance range nourishes hair and supports the scalps microbiome. The Schwarzkopf BIO-TECH Pro-Balance range uses soybeans and cocoa butter to strengthen the hair and protect it from breakage, leaving the hair smooth, soft and shiny.