Delicious Snacking Option for the Whole Family

The new Healtheries Twirls family bags are perfect for school or work lunches with 50% less fat than regular potato chips.

Healtheries Twirls family bags are a delicious, crunchy, flavour-packed snack available in two new flavours – Chicken and Salt & Vinegar. The new family-sized bags make Healtheries Twirls perfect for your pantry at home as well as in the office cupboard - providing easy portioning and sharing options.

The new flavours of Healtheries Twirls contain all the same ingredients traditional Twirls do, but are now available in family-sized bags for sharing. They are oven baked, contain no artificial colours, are low in sugar, vegan friendly, and are seasoned with all-natural flavours. Sugar can be extremely hard to avoid in pre-packaged snack foods these days, with muesli bars, dried fruit snacks, yoghurt, cereal and crackers being some of the most popular culprits. With its low sugar content, Twirls provide you with an alternative option!

Healtheries prioritised taste in the creation of the new Chicken and Salt & Vinegar flavoured Twirls, ensuring that the whole family can enjoy these delicious snacks together. Twirls are made with vegetable powders like carrot, tomato and pumpkin, and since they have 50% less fat than regular potato chips, they have less than 1g saturated fat per serve.

As a mainstay brand in Kiwi cupboards for over 100 years, Healtheries have always had products in the kids snacking aisle - but family-sized share packs are new for the Twirls range, introduced due to popular demand. Family-sized share bags of Twirls allow parents to portion packaging-free snacks directly into in their children’s lunchboxes. Twirls aren’t just for children, though – they can also serve as a better option to other fried snacks commonly found in office cupboards.