Pak’nSave Botany has officially re-opened after an intense six-month refurbishment. Located in Botany Town Centre, this revamp has improved both the interior and exterior of the store.

The 24-year-old supermarket now gleams in a fresh coat of paint, signage and large windows to provide more natural light and warmth. The car park also saw upgrades along with new trolley bays and a shared pedestrian zone. Owner-operator Russ Wilkinson is excited to reveal the new modern-looking store to the public.

“It has been incredibly rewarding breathing new life into the store and seeing how it has enhanced the experience for our staff and shoppers,” said Wilkinson. “If you’re in the area, please come in and check it out for yourself.”

The addition of the new Ti-Bar café gives customers a warm welcome as soon as they enter the supermarket. They will serve fresh coffee, Ti-Ora tea and a range of gourmet lunch options for on-the-go shoppers.

“While we have improved the overall shopping experience, our customers are guaranteed the same great low food prices, friendly service and local products.”

With 18 brand-new checkouts and seven self-service checkouts, Pak’nSave Botany will provide a convenient and exciting experience for customers.