The Bostock Brothers company has decided to offer its consumers the opportunity to return its home compostable packaging waste. Consumers can return the home compostable packaging in free courier boxes, and the company will dispose of it appropriately.

“We will compost the chicken packaging and then use the compost to spread on our maize which we grow and feedback to our chickens. At Bostock Brothers we grow our chicken feed, so the compost is useful because we don’t use compound fertilizers, we use alternatives like compost which is great for soil health too. Now our customers can help contribute to this,” said Mr Bostock.

Bostock Brothers are New Zealand’s only organic chicken producer that is managing packaging waste for consumers.

“If people don’t have a compost this is a free alternative to ensure the waste is composted correctly and it also creates a sustainable circle of life,” Mr Bostock added.

This initiative has received positive feedback from customers, as dozens have already registered to secure their return courier box. The home compostable packaging was created last year in hopes to reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfill.

“We want to be part of the drive to get rid of plastic. We want to be leaders in our industry. We are passionate about farming sustainably and reducing our environmental impact to meet demand.”

Bostock Brothers feel confident that this move to manage its compostable packaging waste is a step in the right direction.