Two weeks ago, All Good Bananas co-founder Matt Morrison and GM Marketing Faye MacGregor, Shane O'Brien from T&G along with Brigit Corson and Phil Whitehead from New Zealand’s largest Fairtrade banana retailer Foodstuffs  had the incredible opportunity of visiting the All Good Banana grower communities in El Guabo, Ecuador. All Good Bananas have been working with the grower communities for nearly 10 years.

During their trip they visited grower farms, heard grower stories, met their families and witnessed first-hand the positive impact that all of the social projects are having on the communities. One of those projects was visiting Escuela fiscal mixta Francia, a school that the All Good Bananas Fairtrade Premium has supported. The visit was marked with the opening of a new classroom. The school children danced and it was a very memorable experience for all of those involved.

Other key social projects visited included the plastic recycling centre and the bio plant; a site that manufactures organic pesticide, made from natural resources. A woman in business centre where Fairtrade funding has allowed woman in the community to utilise their skills with the benefit of providing an income back to the individuals and their families as well as develop their personal business and practical skills.

“To be able to connect with the growers in person, and see the process it takes to get All Good Bananas to New Zealand was an incredibly humbling experience. As was seeing the social projects, the impact they are having on the communities and the real tangible results," said GM Marketing, Faye MacGregor.

The All Good Bananas team have come back even more motivated to work harder to have a bigger impact on the growers lives in Ecuador.