An Eco-Pod for a Guilt-Free Brew

A guilt-free coffee pod? Meet the completely compostable answer to your caffeine fix.

Maggio’s, artisanal coffee maker from Sydney, is now available in New Zealand with the most environmentally friendly, biodegradable and compostable coffee pod, taking only 84 days to decompose!

Many coffee pods on the market are made from plastic or aluminium. Maggio’s coffee pods are the cleanest and most biodegradable on the market. The whole pod can be composted in an industrial facility breaking down in just 84 days. A vast improvement on the reported 500 years it takes for a plastic or aluminium pod to do the same.

With its Italian heritage, Maggio’s crafted artisan blends of coffee for espresso’s or café lattes will give you that great coffee experience in your home and are Nespresso compatible.

Maggio’s stylish pastel packaging portrays its rich Italian heritage, setting itself apart from other coffee brands on shelf.