Now you can whip up an authentic Asian noodle soup at home in just ten minutes. True food brand, Pitango has joined forces with Sachie Nomura, founder of the award-winning cooking school Sachie’s Kitchen, to create a delicious new range of authentic, Asian inspired fresh broths.

The key to a great Ramen or Pho dish is a broth that has been simmered low & slow – this is what really makes the dish sing. But making a complex flavoured broth can be very time consuming and requires much pre-planning and unique ingredients. The new Pitango broth range is designed as a meal shortcut to simplify the long cooking process for consumers. Simply heat the broth and pour over your choice of noodles, veggies and protein. So quick, so easy, so fresh and flavour packed!

Made from scratch using the best ingredients, each batch of Pitango broth is slowly simmered for 12 hours to draw out the very best authentic flavours. The products are free from artificial flavours and colours, with no added MSG or preservatives and each pack can make 2 serves of an authentic noodle soup meal (recipe inspiration on back-of-pack).

The broth range contains 3 varieties including, Vietnamese style Pho beef bone broth, Japanese style Ramen bone broth, Japanese style Miso broth (vegan friendly)

Available from the chiller section.

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