The consumer's voice is loud, and we’ve certainly been hearing it recently. They’re demanding better solutions with food packaging and no longer want to see single-use plastic bags.

Ecoware is committed to partnering with New Zealand supermarkets to help reduce the impact single-use food and beverage packaging has on the environment. Its mission is to make doing good, good for business, and the team are already working with a number of New World's around the country, helping them on their journey to improved sustainability. These stores are receiving positive feedback as consumers are noticing the change and want to support more eco-friendly options.

"We believe composting is the way of the future - based on the principles of a circular economy, it achieves a diversion of waste from landfill and ends up as nutrient-rich soil able to be reused. We stock over 200 compostable products, including clear containers popular in deli departments, takeaway boxes for ready-made meals, coffee cups, clear cups, cutlery and more," said co-founder James Calver.

Traditional plastic bags are under fire at the moment, and while reusable bags are the best alternative, Ecoware's Compostable 10L Checkout Bags are a step in the right direction. Ecoware Compostable Checkout Bags are certified for both home and commercial composting. Certified under EN13432, AS4736 and OKCOMPOST, they break down into 100% non-toxic biomass.

Consumers want to see progress, and they want to know their local supermarket cares. If you’re ready to take steps towards improved sustainability, reach out. Ecoware is ready to help.

For samples and pricing, call Harris on 0800 GO 4 ECO.