An Obsession With Arnott’s

The four flavours of Arnott's Obsession: Dark, Milk, Mint, and Salted Caramel

Arnott's has unveiled their new decadent chocolate biscuit range, that offers a multidimensional chocolate-eating experience.

The range labelled 'Obsession' features four indulgent chocolate flavours: Milk, Salted Caramel, Dark, and Mint.

Obsession aims to feature in the consumer's home pantry 'top shelf treats,' as items that are so delicious they are hidden away from others to be eaten in secret.

“More than ever, Kiwis are seeking small moments of indulgence and the snacks we treat ourselves to are a huge part of how we go about this. We recognised people are craving treats that are of such a premium nature, you don’t need a lot to feel satisfied, and this range of Obsession biscuits answers that call. It’s Arnott’s, but not as people know it," said Michelle Kitchen, Arnott's Brand Manager.

The new range is available at supermarkets nationwide now.