Baby boomer with sunglasses and cowboy hat

A study conducted by market research company Colmar Brunton revealed that one in three New Zealanders (34 percent) are reducing meat intake with baby boomers at the forefront of the meat-reduction trend.

According to the report, over 1.5 million New Zealanders are eating less meat. Forty-four percent of meat reducers comprise of baby boomers, while 41 percent of vegans and 42 percent of vegetarians are millennials. All generations consistently nominate health, the environment and animal welfare as the most import reasons to lessen meat consumption.

As a result, the rise in consumer interest is driving the plant-based category from niche to mainstream with more than six in ten kiwis reported to have tried or are interested in trying the new generation of meat-free products.

The hesitation from NZ consumers to purchase plant-based meat alternatives stems from concerns surrounding nutrition, price and taste. The research indicates a clear opportunity for plant-based meat manufacturers to counter this with a communication plan that highlights nutritional benefits, and innovations geared towards offering accessible pricing and delivering better-tasting products.