Bagel Rebels With a Cause

Rebel Bakhouse's 5 new bagels

There is a new bagel range on the market, and they are rebels with a cause. The Rebel Bakehouse Rebel Range, features five new flavours: Low-Carb Max, Three Cheese, Sourdough, Original and Sesame Seed flavours.

The one to keep an eye on however is the Low-Carb Max bagel, which is 20 percent lower in carbs than it's nearest competitor, carries a 5 star health rating and contains more protein than most other bagels in the market.

Rebel Bakehouse's low-carb option comes as consumers remain focused on healthier diets, an after effect from the pandemic. In order to reduce the number of carbohydrates in a typically high-carb product, the bakers have replaced percentages of wheat flour with other functional ingredients such as tapioca, soya, wheat bran, fibres and wheat protein.

“Ultimately, we want to make it even easier for people to reduce carbs in their daily diets by giving them more choice and our Low Carb Max bagel is a great solution,” said Mike Fisher, Breadcraft's General Manager.

The other bagels in the new range also have a difference. The special flavour ingredients are mixed entirely through the bagel dough, rather than just placed on top.

The Rebel Bagels are available from today in all major supermarkets.