In a New Zealand first, DB Export is attempting to make the country's first ever commercially viable biofuel from the by-products of brewing beer. By creating this biofuel, which emits less carbon than petrol, Kiwi’s can save the world by doing what they do best – drinking beer.
‘DB Export Brewtroleum’, will be made using ethanol derived from beer by-product which will be mixed with normal petroleum to create Brewtroleum by July 2015. That means every time someone drinks DB Export they’re helping to create an environmentally-friendly Biofuel that can be used in any combustion engine that runs on petrol.
Research and testing by DB Export and independent experts found that ethanol could be stripped from the yeast slurry of the brewing process and distilled to produce high-grade bioethanol created by blending 10% ethanol and 90% premium 98 octane petrol.
Bioethanol created from a by-product of dairy production is already available in select outlets around New Zealand and the world, and is proven to be more environmentally-friendly than normal petrol. Now DB Export has joined the crusade and the first sample of bioethanol will be ready for testing in a few weeks.