Contactless payments are growing in popularity and the ‘Switch On’ campaign is back to demonstrate the benefits of contactless payments for retailers.

The campaign profiles a diverse range of successful New Zealand businesses who are using contactless payments on the Switch On website,

Almost three-quarters of Kiwis are using contactless payments (73 percent), according to a recent Mastercard survey of over 1,000 New Zealanders, and contactless technology is increasingly becoming part of New Zealanders’ everyday lives.

“With more New Zealanders using contactless payments as their preferred way to pay, it is important that New Zealand retailers switch on their contactless payment capabilities to meet this growing demand,” said Ruth Riviere, Country Manager for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

More than one-third of New Zealanders said they get frustrated when retailers have not turned on the contactless functionality on their terminals.

“Kiwis value speed, convenience and ease when choosing where to shop and how they pay. While there is a small fee for accepting these transactions, for retailers the benefits are faster queues, reduced cash handling, and satisfied customers, but perhaps even more importantly, future-proofing their business for emerging payment technologies, such as mobile payments, wearable technology and biometrics as these enter the New Zealand market,” says Riviere.

Switch On profiles a range of Kiwi businesses in a number of industries about how contactless technology is helping to provide great service and choice for their customers.

“We enabled contactless payments from when we opened because we knew it was the quickest and most convenient payment solution for our customers. When people come in for lunch they don’t have time to wait in line, and by having contactless we are able to process payments faster. We often have customers ask us if we offer Tap & Go before they even order, so by offering it we definitely get more sales," said Kate Chatsunthornwong, Owner of The Dumpling Box in Auckland.

“Given consumers are increasingly using contactless payments, it’s important that retailers offer choice to their customers. Businesses across New Zealand are contacting their bank to switch on to contactless, receiving the benefits as well as future-proofing their business," said Shane Howell, Chief Product Officer, Westpac.

Retailers can find out more about the benefits of contactless technology, how it can help their business, and challenge some of the common misconceptions around contactless acceptance