Arnott’s has reimagined some of its classic biscuits to inspire a completely new format – chocolate blocks.

The highly anticipated arrival of Arnott’s Chocolate in New Zealand follows its successful launch into the Australian market in 2019.

With over 150 years of biscuit baking expertise, and more than 50 years of chocolate knowledge, Arnott’s has expertly crafted a smooth and creamy chocolate and blended it with real biscuit pieces to create a totally new indulgent treat.

The range consists of five mouth-watering varieties; Scotch Finger, Ginger Nut, Wagon Wheels, Iced VoVo, and Butternut Snap. The range is made using sustainably sourced cocoa.

“There’s no denying the love Kiwis have for biscuits, or their passion for deliciously crafted chocolate. We have combined the two to give people the best of both worlds and an entirely new way to enjoy Arnott’s!" said Michelle Kitchen, Arnott’s brand manager.

“We’ve handpicked some Arnott’s favourites, as well as new flavours for New Zealanders to sink their teeth in. Whether it’s the well-known, buttery crunch of Scotch Finger, the undeniable Wagon Wheel combination of biscuit, raspberry and marshmallow, or the ever-humble coconut and raspberry from Iced VoVo, there’s something for everyone to try and enjoy.”

Scotch Finger Milk Chocolate Block

Crunchy, buttery biscuits mixed into delicious milk chocolate, a classically indulgent bite.

Ginger Nut Dark Chocolate Block

Decadent dark chocolate mixed in with spiced ginger biscuit pieces for a sophisticated chocolate experience.

Wagon Wheels Milk Chocolate Block

Creamy milk chocolate packed with crunchy biscuit bits, raspberry flavoured lollies and fluffy marshmallows, a totally unique chocolate experience.

Iced VoVo Milk Chocolate Block

Irresistible milk chocolate, playfully blended with crunchy biscuit bits, coconut & raspberry flavoured jellies and pink fondant pieces.

Butternut Snap Milk Chocolate Block

Creamy milk chocolate packed with crunchy golden oat & coconut biscuit pieces.