Bostock Brothers Take On Brinks

Hawke’s Bay family owned organic chicken business, Bostock Brothers is taking legal action against one of New Zealander’s largest chicken producers, Brinks for misrepresenting to customers. Bostock Brothers organic free-range chicken is a small business run by brothers George and Ben.

Three months ago, Brinks, which is a large-scale chicken operation launched a free-range chicken brand called George and Jo’s.

Bostock Brothers co-owner George Bostock believes that Brinks is representing to consumers that George and Jo’s is a small family business when it is actually a large-scale (non-organic) commercial operation.

“By using the word “George” to represent the fake people, they are causing confusion and deception in the marketplace, which is negatively impacting on our Bostock Brothers small, organic chicken business.”

“We have worked really hard to build trust and respect for our ethical farming practices. We are the faces behind our brand and feel it’s really unfair that a large chicken producer is trying to imitate what we do and mislead consumers.”

“It’s unbelievable that they have adopted my name, George and are trying to pass themselves off as real, when in fact they are fake people.”

George and Ben set up their business five years ago and have worked hard to create a premium, organic chicken brand. The brothers raise the chickens themselves in small chalets on an organic apple orchard, where the chickens roam freely among the trees. They have a sustainable farming model with a focus on protecting the environment.

Bostock Brothers Co-Owner Ben Bostock added that they are concerned that the large-scale producer is attempting to deceive and mislead consumers, portraying that they are also a small family run business.

“Brinks have created a brand with two fake people and are trying to pass themselves off as a husband and wife team, when they aren’t at all, which we feel is unfair to consumers. We welcome competition, but we feel Brinks should use their own name and not try and imitate our brand and all our hard work.”

George and Ben Bostock are committed to legally fighting Brinks, to ensure the New Zealand public is not misled.