Waitrose stores introduce energy-saving technology

Twin blades made of recyclable polycarbonate will be attached to the front of Waitrose’s fridge shelving in order to reduce the cold air being lost into the aisles. The Wirth Research EcoBlade is said to be able to minimise energy consumption—decreasing the energy usage of Waitrose’s fridges by up to a quarter of their current usage.

The EcoBlade harnesses technology similar to that used in racecars which assists the cars in cornering and airflow. On top of reducing power costs, the EcoBlade makes aisles warmer for customers, simultaneously ensuring fresh produce and a comfortable shopping environment.

The introduction of the EcoBlade is said to roll out in March, in Waitrose’s concerted effort to find ways in which they can minimise their power consumption. Tor Harris, head of corporate social responsibility for Waitrose & Partners, said, “We know there is always more to do, but applying this design means we’re motoring forward in our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. To deliver an energy saving of such significance through changing our shelf edging is fantastic and another example of how we continue to find innovative ways to achieve our goal to make our shops more sustainable.”