GoodBuzz Beverage Co. was started by Alex and Amber Campbell in Wellington in July of 2014 and has since become a staple in the chilled supermarket aisle. Previously known for its transparent labels, this year the company underwent a brand refresh and released entirely new labels that pop off the bottle. “We changed our label because we had a problem with applying the 2-part plastic label to our 888ml and we were informed that we should go to a 3-part paper label. We had been getting feedback about switching from plastic labels, but our design needed transparency, so we really needed to do a total overhaul,” said founder Alex Campbell.

After seeing four different designers, the team decided to go with artist Greg Straight from Auckland. The process began in December last year with Campbell working closely with the designer to achieve a balance between “cool designs” while still displaying all the important information he wanted to include. In addition to the colourful new designs, the label also includes extra information for consumers to provide further transparency. Campbell’s goal was to covey simple messaging while still keeping the brand's funky feel. “Our brand is Good Buzz, so needless to say our art reflects that feeling. It's brighter than before with lots of kiwi iconography and people doing activities like surfing, riding, rowing etc.” The team began putting the new labels on a couple of weeks ago, starting with its seven flavours in the 328ml range. “We are just finishing up the new labels for the 888ml (3-part, which includes a brewing process diagram) and then we will begin work on the 4-packs.”

As part of the rebranding, Good Buzz also dropped its Green Tea flavour replacing it with a new and delicious Pineapple Mango beverage instead. For more information contact Alex Campbell at