Onion Dip Ice Cream

Countdown’s flavour experts have succeeded where others have failed, developing a product that combines two Kiwi favourites in one sensationally delicious combination. Off the back of the extremely popular Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream, Countdown has today released its brand new NZ Onion Dip Ice Cream.

The new flavour is a delicious mix of creamy vanilla ice cream, reduced cream and caramelised onion chunks. It's made right here in New Zealand, using dairy products and onions produced and grown by Kiwi farmers.

Countdown’s general manager of Merchandise, Scott Davidson said the team had been working on perfecting the new product for some time. “Not only is the ice cream delicious, but it’s also versatile: have it in a cone or serve it with a veggie platter."

Tom Watts, who took part in Countdown’s focus group, said he was more than pleasantly surprised by the somewhat unusual combination. “I was pretty concerned when I first heard what we were tasting, but I was surprised by how the smooth vanilla ice cream and a hint of caramelised onion combined to create something quite delicious.”

Kiwi customers who are keen to get their hands on this new ice cream will need to get in quick.

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