Cadbury partners with Netball New Zealand

Cadbury has announced that they will be the Principal Partner for Netball New Zealand’s Volunteer programme. The partnership will last two years, acknowledging and rewarding the thousands of dedicated volunteers who have given their time to one of the nation’s favourite sport.

Managing Director of Cadbury New Zealand, Cara Liebrock, released a statement celebrating the partnership. “Volunteers are the unsung heroes of netball in New Zealand. We want to recognise their dedication by shining a light on them, sharing their stories, and rewarding their contribution.”

New Zealand has over 300,000 volunteers in this sector, spanning 80 netball centres and almost 150,000 players. Cadbury’s partnership will provide a full-time volunteer advocate for Netball New Zealand as well as a nomination programme to recognise those who go above and beyond for the sport.

"Cadbury is absolutely committed to New Zealand and continues to build partnerships with organisations that contribute so much to local communities. With a number of colleagues here at Cadbury New Zealand volunteering at local sporting clubs, it’s great to see the level of excitement this partnership is generating amongst the team,” concluded Liebrock.