Hubbards has added Bran-ola to its range of breakfast cereals. Unlike other breakfast brans, Bran-ola doesn't taste like its cardboard box. With added supportive probiotics, this gut-loving cereal will leave customers' bellies happy.

With 25 percent of your daily fibre intake, plus the added benefits of pre and probiotics, the Hubbards Bran-ola cereals are a game-changer in the breakfast aisle.

Taste hasn't been compromised to make this cereal a gut-loving healthy start to your day, according to marketing manager, Rebecca Bergs.

"Other bran-based breakfast cereals are sometimes not very appealing because they're bland or have an unpleasant texture," said Bergs. "The Hubbards range is beneficial in terms of gut health, and it tastes great with its granola-style texture, and delicious additions like freeze-dried fruit, nuts and seeds."

There are three varieties in the range, including Raspberry and Blueberry, Apricot and Pear, and Almond and Chia. All three include probiotics (a billion CFU) per serve, with 'munch' the prebiotic chicory root fibre. This makes the probiotics happy, further supporting your gut immunity.