Chia Sisters was founded in 2012 when Chloe, a former neuroscientist with a passion for nutrition set out to discover healthy foods. Particularly those that would fuel her sister Florence, a national champion triathlete who struggled to find nutritious fuel. After years of research, Chia Sisters released a range of drinks containing the most abundant plant source of nutrients.

Recently, Chia Sisters were awarded the Transforming Food Award at the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards. This is a significant achievement for the brand as the judges believed their products created a positive impact on people and the environment.

“Chia Sisters factors impact on the planet into every business decision. They have made a conscious decision to take on the beverage industry by modelling a sustainable way to produce and market drinks,” said the judges. “The focus is on zero-carbon, and they are working on reducing packaging by providing juice in kegs.”

Chia Sisters represent sustainability, nutrition and innovation. Chloe and Florence have proven that companies can thrive while also having a positive impact on the community and environment.

Last year, the brand decided to line their juicery with social panels and launch a new range of pressed juice, Bottled by the Sun. This juice went on to win Best Drink in New Zealand for 2019 at the Outstanding Food Producer Awards, and it was considered an effective use of marketing to facilitate their sustainability initiatives.

The sisters are dedicated to having a positive impact on the planet, particularly on climate change. To tackle the issue of climate change, the sisters implemented various steps that help their own business, and other companies reduce their carbon footprints.

“We acknowledge that Chia Sisters is one small player in an interconnected world,” said co-founder, Florence Van Dyke. “Our true impact will come by sharing our stories and lessons with others, and by working collaboratively with all to have a positive impact on the planet.”