With the arrival of the festive season, Nestlé has announced its 2019 Christmas collection. This collection is particularly exciting as new additions of Smarties penguins will be added to the range, five penguins feature their own bright colour and personality.

Smarties penguins are made with milk chocolate, and they include mini Smarties to shake and enjoy. Along with this addition, a new Aero Bliss Advent calendar has entered the market with three flavours of salted caramel, milk chocolate and praline.

Nestlé has also revamped its Quality-Street Advent calendar which now features the new caramel chocolate brownie flavour.

“We’re particularly excited to introduce our Smarties penguins for Christmas 2019,” said senior brand manager, Jon Smith. “Available in a variety of sizes and price points, their bright colours and the mini Smarties inside make them a standout addition to the kid’s novelty market.”