Chocolate milk isn’t just for kids. Boston-based entrepreneur Manny Lubin has created an ultra-filtered, high-protein, lactose-free chocolate milk, which provides the same nutritional value and taste as regular chocolate milk.

Slate is a natural, protein-rich beverage that contains vitamins and electrolytes. The drink is packaged in sleek cans to appeal to adults who love the taste of chocolate milk.

Creating a healthy alternative was an important goal for Lubin.

“It’s known as a kid’s drink that’s high in sugar in a carton, but if we can reposition it as a functional beverage that’s high in protein and tastes great, we think we can bring it to an entirely new audience,” said Lubin.

Slate chocolate milk serves as the perfect post-workout drink as it contains 75 percent less sugar and 50 percent more protein than dairy-based chocolate milk.