Kellogg India has partnered with The Breakfast Revolution and Sesame Workshop India to provide nutritious breakfasts to 100,000 children by 2022.

The Bright Star initiative has already provided breakfast to 6,000 kids in Maharashtra and Karnataka. According to The Breakfast Revolution, 80 percent of children in India do not eat breakfast. Their first meal is served around midday in school.

"India is in the middle of a malnutrition epidemic," said co-founder of The Breakfast Revolution, Pankaj Jethwani. "80 percent of our children suffer from hidden hunger, and more than a third of our children are underweight. This leads to reduced learning by 20 percent and lifelong productivity by 10 percent."

"Eating habits established early, in the years when brain growth is most rapid, have consequences through life," added Sonali Khan, MD of Sesame Workshop India.

Kellogg's Bright Start cereal contains protein, calcium, iron and zinc as well as Vitamins B and C. The cereal is packed with the necessary nutrients for children to take on the day and learn productively.