Proper Hand Cooked Crisps released in home compostable packaging earlier this year, with thousands of New Zealanders supporting the company and its cause. It became clear that Kiwis wanted more sustainable packaging options. The limited-edition stock sold out five weeks sooner than expected, and now, Proper Crisps is excited to announce that the home compostable range is here to stay.

Along with this announcement, two new flavours of Kumara Pepper with onion and Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt will also be released in time for summer.

“The support we’ve received so far has made it possible to expand the range and make more home compostable packaging options available. New Zealand has spoken, and we listened,” said co-owner, Ned Smith. “We love New Zealand, and we love making crisps the proper way, so it’s important we make a move towards packaging them the proper way too.”

Proper Crisps’ home compostable packaging is made from a mix of GMO-free corn sugars and wood pulp. The bag will break down in 6-12 months in home compost conditions.