Countdown Announces New Fresh Distribution Centre

COuntdown announces plans for new distribution centre in Christchurch

Countdown has announced plans for a new $99 million Fresh Distribution Centre in Rolleston, Canterbury. The 11,000 sqm development will change the way produce is moved from local growers to Countdown's customers and will ensure product quality.

“With this purpose-built development, we’re investing in new technology and cutting-edge design to streamline the supply chain. Our growers can take pride in what Kiwis see on the shelves with their produce arriving to store exactly how they intended.” Said Matt Grainger, Countdown's Director of Property. 

Cool chain integrity has been a driving factor for the centre's design, produce will arrive in cool trucks through a refrigerated inbound tunnel, and then be moved to one of the temperature-controlled zones or ripening rooms. The new process will provide customers with fresher produce and will also cut down on product spoilage across the South Island.

“Food waste is a massive issue in New Zealand and while we can all make changes at a household level,  Countdown has the opportunity to make a difference on a much larger scale by optimising our processes  and equipment right across the supply chain."

The new facility has been designed to high Green Star standards, utilising solar power, rainwater harvesting and low energy use condensers. Countdown hopes to have all of its new builds with a 5 Green Star rating by 2025.

"The development of the Christchurch Fresh Distribution Centre is a huge step towards our climate goals,  not only through environmentally-friendly design but by investing in a more streamlined supply chain from  grower to store resulting in fewer transport emissions.”

The Christchurch Fresh Distribution Centre is scheduled to open in early 2024, with a team of 55 fresh produce experts.