countdownConsent has been granted to Countdown, with conditions, for a new store in Mosgiel that would replace the existing one, whose lease expires in October 2018. The requirements include 7.5m of planted landscaping, strict rules on kerbside parking for supermarket staff and the exclusion of any other retail outlets on the site; moreover, the old store must close before the new opening date.

The granting of the consent gives Mosgiel residents more confidence over the future of the area. “From a business perspective, it’s showing that there’s faith in Mosgiel,” commented Blair Arthur, president of the local Business Association. The new Countdown supermarket is set to be a great asset for the town and its rapid population growth, so far lacking in retail spaces large enough to meet their needs.

Arthur also stressed on the development potential delivered by the old Countdown site, saying the space could offer opportunities for the town’s businesses to launch a series of outlet stores. Previous attempts have been made by a number of retail chains, “but the floor spaces haven’t been big enough,” said Mosgiel Taieri community board chairman Bill Feather.

Meanwhile, Countdown continues strengthening its efforts in helping the community at large. The chain announced a new partnership with KiwiHarvest, aimed at avoiding food waste. The non-profit organisation will collect fresh produce from seven Countdown stores in the Auckland region and distribute it to those in need. The move is part of Countdown’s Food Rescue charity programme, which already involves, amongst others, The Salvation Army, FairFood and Foodshare.