According to its inaugural Corporate Responsibility Report (June 2014–June 2015), since 2006 Countdown managed to reduce its carbon emissions and waste by 26 percent and 43 percent respectively, despite a 37 percent increase in selling space.
Additionally, as part of its support towards local communities, over the past financial year the company has donated almost $7 million in kind and in cash to people in need, as well as $3.5 million worth of food.
“With 183 stores, we are active in almost all communities around New Zealand and have some extremely strong partnerships which we value enormously,” said Pat McEntee, acting managing director at Countdown.
Jobs and growth have also been delivered. As a whole, the supermarket chain paid $670 million in wages last year and, with five new stores employing over 400 people, it has now taken on board 18,000 Kiwis, of which 6,500 are under 25.