Countdown Update – 17 August

Countdown is thanking Kiwis for keeping their shopping calm over the weekend, and will return to normal opening times from today, Tuesday, 18 August.  All stores will continue to close at 9pm for the time being.

The earlier opening hour also aims to help shift workers such as emergency workers and medical professionals who often shop first thing in the morning.  Countdown says they are seeing few, if any, queues in their stores, and online shopping availability is also good.

General Manager Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability, Kiri Hannifin, said Countdown’s customers and store teams are in a good rhythm in lockdown, allowing the return to normal opening times.

“We’ve got great support from our suppliers with a steady supply of stock to our shelves, and we aren’t seeing the panic buying like we have previously, which means we’re in a good position to get things back to normal where we can," said Hannifin.

“This change will also mean that those people who typically shop early like medical professionals, emergency workers and those working shifts will be able to access our stores at a time that works best for them.”

Countdown is continuing limits on some sought-after products to help manage demand.