Cute As A Button

Meadow Mushrooms new sustainable packaging

Meadow Mushrooms are the first in New Zealand to trial one hundred percent recyclable plastic mushroom punnets, making the packaging just as cute as the button mushrooms themselves.

The mushroom punnet consists of a recyclable tray, sleeve and soft plastic top - a change from the complete plastic wrapping.  Made from 100 percent recycled PET plastic (rPET), the plastic punnet can go in curbside recycling bins, while the soft plastic top can be recycled at stores participating in the nationwide Soft Plastics Recycling scheme.

Packaging changes are one of many Meadow Mushrooms is making to increase their business sustainability. By replacing the plastic-wrapped punnets with recyclable ones, they will have a decrease in 48,000kg of Carbon Dioxide emissions annually.

The trial packaging will be used across the entire Meadow Mushrooms pre-packaged range if successful.