Daily Dose of Living Cultures

The team at Culture are on a mission to create delicious living food with a daily dose of pre and probiotics. Better yet, it's made fresh by you, without any preservatives or artificial colours or flavours.

Culture is a new make-at-home powdered yoghurt blend. With 500 billion live active cultures per serve, consumers can now enjoy optimal level of probiotics made fresh in their homes.

Yoghurt is a wholesome food that the whole family can enjoy in multiple ways. To enjoy the benefits that yoghurt typically provides, there needs live active cultures to be present. Cultures have a short life span so making it fresh in consumers' own homes, the live active cultures are at their optimal level.

Culture uses quality ingredients including (what they believe to be) the best milk powder in NZ from Westland! Its products are created here in New Zealand using local ingredients where possible. Natural, fresh, flavoursome – NZ goodness!

The new range includes six variants: Unsweetened Natural, Vanilla Bean, Mango + Turmeric, Manuka Honey, Coconut + Cacao and Raspberry + Rosehip.