DB Breweries has released its annual sustainability report, highlighting the organisation’s commitment to brewing a better world for Kiwis into the future. While driving a safe and healthy drinking culture in New Zealand remains a key priority for the organisation, 2016 saw DB achieve success in a number of areas, particularly regarding reducing its environmental footprint and contributing to the decarbonisation of the global economy.

“We continue to aspire to be New Zealand’s most sustainable producer of alcohol and one of New Zealand’s most sustainable businesses,” said Andy Routley, managing director.

“An area that I am extremely proud of is our continual focus to improve our environmental performance, and in 2016 we exceeded our targets for water consumption, waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.”

While the organisation’s 2016 environmental milestones are impressive, the focus on both societal and economic on impacts have remained a high priority. DB continues its search for a long-term innovative partnership in responsible consumption. The 2016 StudentCard partnership was extremely successful in targeting tertiary students with the important message of enjoying responsibly to have a Summer to Remember. However, engaging in an enduring partnership remains a priority for DB.