Dropping The Price On Cheese

Mainland Cheese

As the cost of living continues to bite Kiwi families, The Warehouse continues its commitment to affordable groceries, adding cheese to its list of low-cost essentials.

More price drops on essentials will hit the shelves soon as the retailer focuses on bringing grocery prices down in a tough grocery market and strives to be the cheapest go-to for breakfast and lunchbox essentials for Kiwi families.

The Warehouse Group CEO Nick Grayston said that by tackling the essentials one by one, The Warehouse has got NZ$4.30 butter, NZ$3 milk, NZ$1.25 bread, and now NZ$8 cheese as another key staple for many Kiwi families.

700g blocks of Mainland cheese (Colby and Edam) will be $8 at The Warehouse from today, compared to $12.50 at Countdown (online) and $10.99 at Pak n Save (comparison with Botany store in Auckland).

“The price of food has been a huge challenge that Kiwi families have had to navigate this year, and they deserve access to the essentials at reliable and affordable prices,” said Grayston.

“We’re disrupting the grocery market one product at a time because it’s the only way we can make the difference we want to make while navigating the issues we’ve faced accessing wholesale supply at equitable cost prices.”

Grayston continued that growing a grocery business is incredibly hard, but step-by-step, The Warehouse has committed to doing it.

The Warehouse Group Nourish and Grocery Lead Jenny Epke said The Warehouse has been expanding its fresh fruit and vegetable range, which is now in 22 stores.

“We’ve launched our own private label Market Kitchen butter this year, which is currently NZ$4.30, and now we’ve dropped the price of cheese to NZ$8 for 700g of Mainland Edam, and Colby is great value and something our customers are asking for.”

Alongside the 700g blocks of cheese, The Warehouse has also dropped the price of its 1.29kg Best Foods Mayo, now NZ$16, and the retailer is holding the price of 1.2kg Weet-bix at NZ$6.

There is a limit of six per customer for butter and cheese.