A world first, Tesco has launched avocados that pull away from the skin easily once cut in half. The naturally grown hybrid was developed to take the hassle out of peeling the fruit. Surprisingly, avocado is one of the most dangerous fruits to cut with many individuals cutting their hands accidentally while opening the fruit.

“Last year customers bought nearly 60 million avocadoes from us, so we’re sure that this fantastic avocado will minimalise fuss and make life a little bit easier,” said Laura Marsden Payne, Tesco avocado buyer.

Developed by Westfalia Fruit, the EasyAvo is a hybrid of different varieties of avocado and has a thicker and corkier consistency to its skin – giving it a shell-like appearance.

“As the fruit ripens and moisture loss occurs in the process, the thicker, corkier skin separates more easily from the fruit flesh, compared to the thinner and more pliable skin of a Fuerte or Hass.”