New World Long Bay has opened with a young Kiwi family at the helm of the new eco-friendly store.

Marcus Te Brake and partner Alex live locally to the store with their children Oscar and Ada. Marcus's sister Mollie also attended the opening.

The couple spent six years in Northland at Four Square in Coopers Beach, where they established a strong community. Marcus said his time there was good training for this new venture, opening a bigger new store with more staff in Long Bay.

The store will be the first New World allowing customers to bring their own containers to fill up with produce. "We’re the first new store to kick this off," Marcus said. "You can bring your own containers to use at the counters, deli and butchery - significantly reducing waste. We also have a number of re-usable options in the store for fresh produce and bulk foods."

The store is the culmination of years of development working with brand owners Foodstuffs. "It’s been a hard road to get here - setting up these stores is no mean feat. There have been many hours of work and stress but the end result is a store I’m really proud of." Plans to develop the area around the store, in the centre of Long Bay Village, with restaurants, cafes, and other shops are in place.