Ecostore is set to celebrate 25 years this Monday. What started as a just a small New Zealand business has become a leader and pioneer in the grocery sustainability space. “Being a little company and taking on the big guys has been a challenge. But we have succeeded to become a leader/pioneer in the industry. We have created a shift in consumer behaviour and become the best at meeting consumers’ changing needs in the space of sustainability,” said managing director Pablo Kraus’.

In the next 25 years, the team at Ecostore hopes to grow the business internationally. With over 400 million conscious consumers in China, the country seems like the obvious next step. “Shaping and giving consumers an easier way to create a better tomorrow is very exciting.”

Kraus’ believes that the company’s success boils down to Authenticity - “being founded on a purpose that still resonates now and in the future.”

The sustainability trend is only set to increase in popularity in the future. Further innovation in how the world consumes products and natural resources in a sustainable way is what the brand hopes will shape the industry.