Ecostore has been named the Best Bodycare and Cleaning Products provider in the Asia Pacific at the New Zealand Business Awards 2018. The company was recognised for its expansion and accelerated growth into Asia.

Celebrating the award, Pablo Kraus, managing director of Ecostore, mentioned the brand’s rapid expansion and accelerated growth in the Asia Pacific.

“When Malcolm and Melanie first launched their products in 1993, they probably didn’t expect to see their products lining the shelves of international stores. But today, Ecostore exports to over ten markets worldwide, including South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. China is one of the newest additions to this list.”

“Since stepping into this role, I’ve made it a real focus to get some further growth out of Australia and China. Four years ago, we had no business in China, and now this represents about 12 percent of our business, with Australia making up about 35 percent.

“China has more than 400 million conscious consumers,  and this is rapidly growing. Planting trees across cities, closing factories, making over 8000 local river masters accountable. China will be at the forefront and leading the charge on global eco-regeneration. Australia is two steps behind us but shows promise of being five times greater than the New Zealand market.”

“Both markets have significant room for growth. And what continues to drive this growth is the original vision established on the Northland coast in 1993 - still relevant and more valuable today as it was at its founding.”

Speaking following the completion of the programme, Steve Simpson, Awards Co-ordinator, commented on the success of their deserving winners: “The New Zealand Business Awards feature only the best of the best from the key sectors and markets found in the Land of the Long White Cloud. I am truly proud of the success of each and every one of my deserving winners, and I would like to wish them the very best of luck going forward.”