Kiwis Hungry For Meal Kits

Meal Kit Provider HelloFresh entered the New Zealand market less than three months ago and has been overwhelmed by the response.

“We’ve been amazed by the market’s response to our arrival. We were very excited to launch in NZ for the incredible produce and food-oriented population - and to be met with such a positive response by consumers makes it all the better.  Not only have Kiwi customers been generous with their willingness to try our service - they have also been generous with their feedback - allowing us to get a clear picture very quickly of the specific NZ requirements which are incredibly helpful in setting the future direction of the product,” commented Tom Rutledge, HelloFresh Australia and New Zealand CEO.

HelloFresh is different from other providers as it is customer led. The meal kit service allows customers to select meal-kit delivery days and receive their box just three days after ordering. HelloFresh also provides the option to swap out meals in two of its three different meal boxes which allow consumers to have more choice and flexibility.

Recent research from the meal-kit provider revealed that:

  • 71% of Kiwi consumers would like to try a new meal-kit provider.
  • Nearly three quarters (72%) of Kiwis would rather cook a recipe they know to be popular with other Kiwis than a recipe recommended by a celebrity chef.
  • 75% would like to be able to select the delivery day.
  • 90% would like to be able to have a choice of meals within their meal kits.
  • Of meal-kit users who were asked the most common reasons for meals not being suitable, 42% said it was due to the ingredients included, and 40% said that not everyone liked the flavour. Only 17% believed the meals were always suitable.