Fill Baskets and Hearts with Yowie

Yowie Group is the confectionary company that brings families sustainably sourced sweet treats combined with a unique educational experience. They have officially debuted their "Fill Baskets and Hearts with Yowie" Easter campaign. This spring, they are bringing loved ones together by offering a curated collection of free Easter-themed activities featuring sweet treats, homemade gifts, engaging activities and fun educational experiences.

Yowie surprise-inside chocolates provide an exciting experience that collectors and fans enjoy all year long. By providing delicious, sustainably sourced, 100% milk chocolate free from GMOs, gluten, nuts, palm oil and artificial colouring and flavours AND the surprise and delight of discovering which collectible is inside each egg, it's the perfect Easter treat for the child that loves learning about endangered animals and wildlife conservation.

"At Yowie, we pride ourselves on being a resource to parents as they plan family-friendly festivities that lead up to Easter weekend as well as on the actual holiday," said Yowie Group's Global CMO, Cynthia Thayer.

"Not only do kids get to eat delicious chocolate, but they get to learn about endangered wildlife and enjoy playtime with their limited-edition collectible figurines. Families and friends who gift Yowie surprise-inside chocolate eggs feel good about gifting Yowie because they're gifting a guilt-free, smart treat that inspires both learning and playtime."

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