True to their innovative style, Stir 100% NOT milk is excited to launch a world first range of almond milk flat-white, latte, turmeric chai latte, cappuccino and hot chocolate in sachets that you just add water and enjoy! These tasty drinks are made with Stir. organic almond milk powder and premium Colombian coffee. Not always driven by lactose intolerance or allergies, Kiwis are now exploring dairy-free options to traditional cow’s milk. With almond milk sales at a record high, with growth far overtaking traditional milk* it is clear that New Zealanders have gone nuts for these natural alternatives.

Stir’s new range provides an answer to growing health & environmental concerns around animal products and offers creamy & tasty flat-whites to Kiwis that are looking for dairy-free alternatives as well as the caffeine boost.

For those looking for a hot dairy-free drink with no caffeine, the hot chocolate and the popular turmeric chai latte are the way to go. The range has significantly less sugar than normal coffee sachets allowing you full flavours.

Each of these drinks will be sold in convenient packets of seven 18g sachets – each enough to make a delicious single-serve by simply adding hot water and stirring. From start to finish, time poor Kiwis can have a delicious dairy-free Coffee, Hot Chocolate or a Turmeric Chai Latte in 30 seconds.

“Stir Dairy-Free Almond Milk Hot Drinks are satisfying, and guilt-free too because the way they are produced is far kinder to the planet than the mainstream options,” says Bruna Rodrigues, Marketing Manager and one of the creators of Stir.

Stir Dairy-Free Almond Milk Hot Drinks are perfect for anyone who is lactose intolerant, coeliac, vegan or lead busy and active lifestyles.

“They’re very convenient for people after a pick me up before the gym, or a wholesome fix in between social activities – everything you need is in the sachet, which takes up little space and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Just add hot water and enjoy!”

Stir Dairy-Free Almond Milk Hot Drinks are available in the coffee section at leading supermarkets and selected health food stores.