Have you ever found yourself in a situation in your business where someone required immediate medical attention? One supermarket did and thankfully - the First Aid Pod wasn't too far away. Without appropriate first aid training, it can be difficult to know where to start.

The First Aid Pod is perfect for your business to provide privacy for your team or customers, medical guidance to your first aid responders and visibility to emergency services in a busy environment.

The team at First Aid Pod scoured the internet is search for a tool for such a situation and came up blank, so they designed and created The First Aid Pod.

The First Aid Pod is there to guide, with easy to follow, basic life support procedures known as DRSABCD which is clearly printed on the inside of the First Aid Pod, as well as on the carry bag. This gives guidance to those assisting and is easy to follow with or without any first aid knowledge. It is floor less, so is easily placed over or around the patient to provide privacy from onlookers and shelter from surrounding elements.

The design of the First Aid Pod, as well as the bright colour, ensures you will be easily identifiable by other first aiders and emergency services.

Assembly is quick and easy with its instant pop up design and the First Aid Pod is completely re-useable. Inside the First Aid Pod, there is a CPR mouth piece, an emergency survival blanket and ground pegs to secure the pod in an outdoor setting.

Emergencies and medical events strike when least expected. It pays to be prepared.

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