Food&HotelAsia (FHA), the preferred trade event for industry professionals to access an international showcase of food, hospitality products, equipment and solutions needed to drive business inspiration today and tomorrow, celebrates 40 years of business excellence with a bespoke menu.

Expertly created by award-winning industry leading chefs Edmund Toh, Eric Teo, Otto Weibel and Ivan Yeo, as well as Singapore Pastry Alliance, the exquisite five- course menu reflects the 40 years of growth and vision of FHA, the anchor to food and hospitality trends in the region.

The creative team of chefs behind the conceptualisation and creation of the exclusive menu also forms part of the panel of judges at the FHA2018 Culinary Challenge (FCC2018), the region’s most prestigious international culinary competition with an emphasis on culinary excellence. Recognised and supported by the World Association of Chef Societies (WACS) and regional chef associations, global culinary talents will be flocking to FHA2018 to display and exchange their mastery and skills on an international platform.

“This jointly-created bespoke menu is packed with different flavours to reflect the robust array of food and hospitality showcase that FHA has always brought to the industry, as well as inspire joy in commemoration of its 40th anniversary,” says Honorary President Emeritus of Singapore Chefs Association (SCA), Chef Otto Weibel. “Sustainable and fresh ingredients, complemented with simple yet exquisite preparation techniques, brings out the best in these dishes.”

Against the disruptive and changing landscape of F&B industries, the five-course meal encapsulates the essence of a winning recipe, crafting an exceptional burst of flavours through progressive preparation techniques helmed by the chefs across different culinary styles. Some of these recipes will be made available to the public, enabling aspiring home chefs to capture the world class taste of FHA in their kitchens.

The 40th Anniversary bespoke menu will reveal a wide array of exquisite dishes exclusively prepared by the chefs for the first time:

- Entrée: Confit Norwegian Salmon, Canadian Scallop Mousse, Pickled Vegetables, Cauliflower Curd by Edmund Toh, President – Singapore Chefs Association

- Soup: Oyster Abalone Soup by Eric Teo, Honorary President Mentor – Singapore Chefs Association

- Mains: Steamed Atlantic Cod with Chanterelles and Mussel Ragout, Garlic Celeriac Puree, Mussel Seafood Bisque by Otto Weibel, Honorary President Emeritus – Singapore Chefs Association

- Mains: Braised Beef Short Ribs with Capers and Dried Fruits, Onion Mustard Puree, Jerusalem Artichoke with Brown Butter by Ivan Yeo, Mentor, Singapore Chefs Association and,

- Dessert: Asian Sweet Delicacies (Flaky Pineapple Samosa, Gula Melaka Ice Cream, Curry Leaves puff rice crumbles, Hot Young Coconut Coulis) by Singapore Pastry Alliance

FHA has a rich history of collaborating with the globally renowned chefs to support and groom local and regional talents. It provides a perfect platform for aspiring talents to learn from the masters, to become the best at their game.

“The bespoke menu specially created by leading chefs, who are the pillars of the culinary world, epitomises our growth in pursuit of excellence. Our collaboration with them, and with government bodies, corporate leaders and industry partners over 40 years, is the result of a shared vision to nurture and grow the food and hospitality industry in Singapore and the region,” said Rodolphe Lameyse, project director, food & hospitality, UBM, organiser of FHA2018. “What FHA is today was not achieved alone and we want to share and celebrate the event’s achievements with our partners.”

2018 marks another milestone in FHA’s history, as the mega event returns on 24 to 27 April, with its biggest-ever industry congregation of 4,000 international exhibitors from more than 70 countries and regions, at two venues – Singapore Expo and Suntec Singapore.

The FHA 40th anniversary bespoke menu is sponsored by leading industry partners, Angliss, Boncafe, Electrolux, Landex, SATS Catering, Steward’s Solution and The Embassy of Hungary.